BMA Council September 2019 Report

Member Support Services We received an extended extract of the Member Support Services Review, an external look at our employment services for members. The aim is to learn and improve a range of processes, covering member experiences, ‘complex cases’, communications, and other issues. The content of the report is absolutely confidential and the discussion at … Read moreBMA Council September 2019 Report

Spousal Expenses – Update

We have received an update from the BMA Board of Directors on the actions that have been taken on the matter of claims for spousal travel expenses. We share it in full below. The inquiry represents progress in resolving the governance issues highlighted by the discovery of the spousal expenses payments. We are also beginning … Read moreSpousal Expenses – Update

BMA Medical Students Conference Report 2019

Author: Grace Allport This year the BMA Medical Students Conference was hosted on the 12th and 13th of April, and an enormous number of progressive policies were passed. Organisation among Broad Left students helped us to win support for our position on several issues and ensured important motions were discussed. Student Welfare and Finance Conference … Read moreBMA Medical Students Conference Report 2019

BMA Ambassador Scheme

Emma Runswick BMA ambassadors receive:− £30 GiftPay vouchers for every new member− 25% off your annual membership (if you recruit 6 new members)− a new ambassador welcome packIf you would like to become a BMA ambassador click below, send the email and we’ll do the rest. BMA email 10th April I’ve been a rep for … Read moreBMA Ambassador Scheme

BMA Council Report March 2019

Four Broad Left members attended Council on Wednesday 13th March. The agenda was dominated by discussion of our legal action on pensions and a confidential item about internal governance matters. If you have any specific questions, or issues we can help you with, please contact us. The union has continued work on Brexit and Safe … Read moreBMA Council Report March 2019