BMA Pay Survey

The BMA is currently surveying junior doctors for their views on pay. This survey will inform the BMA’s actions going forward so we want to encourage as many junior doctors as possible to take part!

This is the link to the survey It is open until 10am on the 24th August

In the Broad Left we feel that the BMA should align itself with the NHSpay15 campaign, and demand a 15% pay rise. This would still result in a real-terms pay cut compared to 2008.

We also agree that the BMA should consider all forms of industrial action, and be prepared to carry them out until we win.

So our model answers for the survey are to

  1. Ask for 15% pay restoration
  2. Say ‘Yes’ to all forms of industrial action
  3. Put 365 days for max length of action

Once you’ve completed the survey please reach out to as many junior doctors as possible and chat to them about NHSpay15 and the survey! Feel free to share the images below on social media and whatsapp groups

Here’s the survey link again! Fill it now if you haven’t already

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