About Doctors’ Broadsheet and the Broad Left

Doctors’ Broadsheet is a site for blogs and news on healthcare politics and trade unionism, focused primarily on the BMA and doctors/medical students in the NHS.

It is run by the Broad Left, a small group of left-wing doctors and medical students who stood on a common platform for BMA Council. One of the things we committed to was openness with members about our work, the  arguments we are making, and our voting records. Although you can find this on our individual facebook pages, it is collated here.

We welcome involvement from other BMA representatives and members, and sometimes other trade unionists, who are in broad agreement with our platform and aim to critically engage with ideas from across the left. Insofar as we have an editorial line it is a broad, organising trade-union one. and we will always want to publish rank-and-file activists.

The Broad Left

We stand for:

Rank and file organisation – workplace level organisation is key, with active reps. We will push for resources and training, and a focus on recruitment and organising to increase our industrial strength and improve the lives of members.

Democracy and transparency – the BMA should be easy to engage with and have an active internal life. We will share our arguments and votes on Council for scrutiny, and continue to campaign for more open decision making. We will be transparent with our use of your money.

Fighting for our members and the NHS – our members and our health service are our priorities. We want good conditions of work and study, and we believe that means fighting for the NHS to remain publicly provided, publicly and well funded, and publicly accountable too. We feel the same about higher education, and have fought against marketisation particularly with regard to fees and privatisation.